About Manganum

Manganum turns Google Chrome from just a browser into a productivity workspace.

We're trying to ensure that the browser is not just a program for browsing but your work tool. The browser extension combines an inspiring new tab page and a sidebar with productivity apps.

With Manganum, you can translate text, create a task or a note, and join Zoom without switching browser tabs without losing context. And your new tab will become a place where you can always hide from the hustle and bustle.

Manganum is the #1 alternative for new tab browser extensions such as Momentum, Infinity New Tab, FVD Speed Dial, and Live Start Page.

You can always find out about our latest updates on the What's new page.

Created with ❤️ by free Belarusians from Georgia, Poland, and Japan.

One more thing. We're all going to die at some point. Remember that and try to do something extraordinary in the time you have.