Be more productive with the #1 Momentum alternative

Manganum productivity apps like a calendar or translator make it the #1 alternative to Momentum Chrome extension for those who really value productivity. Try it for yourself.

Feel the superpower of productivity

Sidebar with productivity apps available on any browser tab.


Speed dial your most visited sites and bookmarks.
Browser history
No more worrying about accidentally closing tabs

Restore a closed tab, find sites you visited recently, or clear your history in one click.

As always, all your data is stored locally and is not transferred anywhere.
Google Calendar
See your Google Calendar schedule in any browser tab with one click.

Get soft notifications about upcoming events.

Join meetings with one click.
Manganum is fully integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
Google Keep
You no longer have to switch browser tabs to keep a fresh thought.

Unlike the Gmail or Google Calendar sidebar, our Google Keep app supports all features—for example, set notes background and dark theme.
Google Tasks
With Manganum, Google Tasks is available on every browser tab. There is no need to switch tabs and lose context to mark something as “done” or add a new task.

Let's suggest the first thing for your to-do list: try Manganum.

Sync SMS

You can read SMS directly in the Manganum extension while your Android is in your pocket.

And much more...

ChatGPT, Google Translate, Todoist, Desmos calculators, mini-games, etc.

"Manganum is a game changer!"

Check out what leading productivity YouTuber
Scott Friesen says about Manganum ❤️

Turn your Chrome new tab into
endless source of inspiration

Caution: uncontrolled bursts of motivation are possible ✋

Daily dose of motivation

Keep your spirits up with wise quotes, positive affirmations, an unstoppable life-timer, or focusing on a task of the day.

Stunning new tab backgrounds

Photo and video wallpapers delight your eyes and fill your soul: wildlife, architecture, world art masterpieces, satellite imagery, and color palettes.