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Meet Todoist in Manganum

Get access to Todoist without switching
between tabs and losing context.

With Manganum, Todoist is available on every browser tab. Switching tabs and losing context is unnecessary to mark something as “done” or add a new task.

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Manganum is more than tasks

The extension turns Chrome into a productivity browser.

  • Launchpad
    Quick access to your favorites, most visited sites, and bookmarks.
  • Google Translator
    Break language barriers. Translate text instantly across more than 100 languages.
  • Google Tasks & Google Keep
    There is no need to switch between tabs and lose a context to mark something as “done” or save a fresh idea to a note.
  • ChatGPT and Google Bard
    Ask AI for advice without leaving your active tab.
  • Daily dose of motivation

    Keep your spirits up with wise quotes, positive affirmations, a relentless life-timer, or a task of the day widget.
  • And much more...

    Todoist, Desmos calculators, browser history, SMS, mini-games, etc.

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